Body Language Secrets

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Body Language Secrets You Should Know: Even when you don’t say a word, other people can still learn a lot about what kind of person you are and what you are thinking and feeling. How do other people do this? By studying your body language. The term body language refers to the messages you send out with your body gestures and facial expressions. 

Body Language Secrets

Body Language Secrets 

Some body language experts claim that only about 7% of our messages to other people are communicated through the words we speak. The rest of our messages are conveyed through our body language, tone of voice, and facial expressions.

During your entire life you have been sending messages to others through your posture, gestures, and facial expressions. When you were an infant, before you learned to speak, people were peering into your little baby face, looking at your gestures. 

However, listening to your little cries and gurgles, trying to decipher what kind of mood you were in, and what you were trying to say. And you have been reacting to the body language, voice tone, and facial expressions of the people around you all your life, even though you may not have been consciously aware of it. 

What sorts of messages are you conveying to others with your body language? Does your body language encourage other people to approach you? Or do you subconsciously warn them to stay away? 

Take a moment to think about how you usually stand or sit when you are with other people. What are you doing with your hands? Where are you looking with your eyes? Does your face express interest in the people you are with, or does your face stay a tense, stony mask?

Communicative Effect Of Body Language

When you are sitting or standing, do you usually cross your arms across your chest? If this is your typical way of standing or sitting, how do you think other people interpret this posture? Did you realize that most people will subconsciously interpret your arms crossed in front of your chest as a signal that you don’t want anyone to approach you?

Body Language Secrets

Only the bravest souls are likely to come forward when you adopt this posture. If you stand awkwardly, with your chest slumped forward, your shoulders drooping, and your eyes avoiding everyone else, people are likely to decide you are very depressed or completely lacking in confidence. 

They may fear that trying to talk with you will be an awkward experience.  When you stand awkwardly, you do not project any sign that you are confident in yourself, or that you have any interest in the people around you. Instead you look like you are trying to disappear.

No matter how desperately you want someone to come over and befriend you, if your body language projects awkwardness or disinterest in others, itís not very likely that many people will try to start a conversation with you. 

If some body language signals can frighten people away, are there signals that will encourage people to come forward and approach you? Yes, you can look much more approachable to others if you adopt body language that is open and non-threatening.

Body Language Secrets You Should Know 

Whether you are sitting or standing, aim for a posture that is upright and alert, yet relaxed. If you notice that your chest or shoulders are slumping, straighten up. Become aware of the way you are breathing. Does your breath move in and out smoothly? Or does it move with jerky little stops and starts?

Stay aware of and focused on your surroundings and the people around you. If you find yourself tuning out your surroundings, you will start to focus too much on your negative inner sensations and thoughts. This can quickly increase your anxiety to a very uncomfortable level.  

What sort of facial expression should you have if you want people to approach you? Let’s have a look at some of the body language you should consider.   

Smile When Appropriate

Some refer to this as basic, but I refer to it as fundamental. We can all agree that smiling helps us win people’s trust and acceptance right away, but the trick is understanding when to smile. Yes, while conversing with new people or providing feedback to a superior. 

However, not while talking about why your relationship isn’t working or why you didn’t meet your monthly quota. When insincere, smiling shows uneasiness and a lack of confidence. Knowing when to grin is essential.

Utilize the Facial Triangle.

Body Language Secrets

People adore being listened to because it demonstrates respect, interest, and trust. While maintaining strong eye contact is important, it can also be too intense. By rotating between the two eyes and the mouth. 

The so-called “facial triangle” not only lessens the intensity of a glance but also conveys an intimate level of attention by indicating that you are reading their lips. This is fantastic since it applies to any direct communication situation you can imagine. Watch as the level of trust in you soars.

Don’t Rub Your Palms and Face or Neck.

This one, the ubiquitous indication of stress and anxiety, is well known. This shows that you are unable to handle the work assigned to you or that you are concerned about the perception of your work, image, or business. 

Also, If you lack confidence in yourself, people will also lack confidence in you. Successful people don’t behave in this way (at least not in public), instead, they exhibit confidence and fortitude even in the face of adversity.




Don’t Look Overly-Agreeable.

Although it’s great to get along with people, whether they’re your employer or your coworkers, it’s harmful to act as though you agree when you vehemently disagree. This worker nods uncontrollably as their supervisor assigns blame on them. 

When a misleading statement is made, don’t be hesitant to express curiosity or even bewilderment, and then explain why. There are some insane individuals out there, and you’re obviously doing it wrong if you don’t disagree with any of them.

Strike a Power Pose.

Body Language Secrets

Yes, the superhero’s preferred position is this one, and for good reason—it truly gives you more power! According to research, they not only provide the impression that you are powerful and confident to others, but they also give you that impression. 

When you practice power poses before a high-stakes situation, your body produces more testosterone and less cortisol (your stress hormone). Successful people in business are aware of the extraordinary influence this pose has on both their own and other people’s perceptions of them.

Don’t Face Away From Whoever You’re Engaging With.

This one has many possible meanings, all of which are bad. When you engage with someone, turning away from them or not making eye contact can lead to a variety of negative emotions, including dread, anxiety, suspicion, ignorance, and contempt. 

Most of the time, success is the result of a team effort, therefore if you can’t assemble a team that even likes you, your future is bleak. Be sensible; you wouldn’t tolerate being treated this way.

Don’t Exaggerate Your Gestures.

Exaggerating your emotions in an effort to come across as enthusiastic or confident can simply lead people to believe the opposite, as it is difficult to take someone who is extremely flamboyant seriously. 

Being restrained is quite acceptable; in fact, it frequently denotes maturity and mystique. Successful people are aware that being noisy will hurt their reputation. Even though you may want to appear enthusiastic during the job interview, going overboard is unnecessary.

Steeple Your Hands.

Body Language Secrets

This signature motion should be used if you want to come out as fascinating, intelligent, and confident. This is also known as the “Merkel-Raute,” and politicians like it since it demonstrates their ability to be trusted with crucial responsibilities.

Use it when speaking to your superiors and watch your credibility soar. This works better in more formal settings. Don’t drop your steeple in the middle of a conversation; doing so conveys a sudden loss of confidence.

Don’t Give a Weak Handshake.

If there is anything that indicates submission while speaking to someone for the first time, it is this. A shaky handshake reveals a shaky person, and shaky individuals don’t often succeed. 

Don’t take this too far and turn it into a squeezing match at a job interview, a business endeavor, or a meeting with potential partners, but rather do so in any other situation. As an added bonus, when shaking hands, rotate your wrist such that your hand is just just above theirs as a subliminal sign of power.

Maintain Good Posture. 

The inability of a person to simply support oneself physically, let alone psychologically, screams sloppiness. Our lifestyles, such as spending too much time sitting or craning your neck over a phone, are frequently the cause of poor posture. 

It’s not only detrimental to your health but also to your respectability and appearance. When you have your foreheads on the ground, it’s difficult for people to perceive you as superior or on an equal footing. You’ll gain a few inches in height and probably a few extra zeros in your salary.

Many individuals all across the world have benefited from these suggestions, and I’m confident you won’t be left behind. Please let me know how we can continue to support you.

If you would like additional support, you may schedule a consultation here.

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