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My name is Joke Ehioghiren, you can call me Jonesjoke. I am the face behind Jonesjoke Solution, a Relationship and Lifestyle Entrepreneur. I am a graduate of Electrical Electronics Engineer, and I am still in the practice. Notably in my professional career spanning over a decade, I came to value immensely the importance of diversity and inclusion which is all about building a relation with your fellow mates, students and professional colleagues to achieve a desired and objective goals.

There is always a desired and achievable positive result or outcome even though we are all from a diverse background and yet we are expected to achieve a desired result, which much is expected. The result is quantifiable and measurable, and nothing is taken for granted and/or assumed. Meaning your participation and roles to meeting the team’s expectations are clearly defined; and you own it period. And the gratification for the successful outcome belongs to you accordingly, appropriately and proportionally in the form of promotion, reward, recognition and perks (such as benefits, privileges and incentives). Put simply, your work is appreciated and so are the overall team players.

It is evident from the above work environment that the true relationship created in the team breeds, inspires, enables, empowers and yields the desired strategic results, which are measurable. It reminds me of the saying: No one is an island which means that we depend on each other, and we cannot thrive in isolation. This phrase emphasizes the interconnectedness of people no matter the situation and the environment they find themselves, including courtship and marriages.

Put simply, this is what relationship building is all about in the workplace, the family household and with fellow mates (friends, pals, lovers, etc., etc.): Participation, inclusiveness, guidelines, guardrails, roles, expectations, appreciations, rewards, positive feedback, caring, listening with the intent to understand and not to respond or react, mellowed critique, to mention are few are critical and a must do for enduring relationship, fulfillment and joyfulness; and ecstasy. And when it is done correctly (setting an achievable and applicable standard) no one is excluded or marginalized. As an example, being taken for granted is a feeling of being undervalued, overlooked, all is well, just doing your job or playing your expected roles without gratification or appreciation whatsoever. Really? Really, because I hear these expressions all the time. Perhaps, a partner in the relationship is overwhelmed, in denial and/or taken for granted. One thing is very clear: There are too many assumptions, so it seems, and we (my clients and I) as a team have to dig deeper to eliminate these assumptions and face the reality. This is the focus of Jonesjoke Solution.

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